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The Virtual Funeral / Shivah

The limitation caused by social distancing presents a real difficulty to families who have lost a close relative. Holding a funeral and shivah attended by relatives and friends wanting to comfort the family is impossible.

Mourning together, consoling together: upholding the framework of shivah and comforting mourners within limits of social distancing.

A diverse array of technological options now exists on our cellphones and computers and can help mourners remain in touch with family and friends or allow them to join the virtual mourning process. It allows us to let mourners feel they are embraced and acknowledged when they need it most.

At OUT OF THE DEPTHS we know the importance of the shivah mourning period, which is why we have built a support system that provides a digital shivah space.

This space enables you to hold private or multi-person online meetings with family members and friends throughout Israel and abroad while maintaining the physical distance needed to guard your health and that of your loved ones in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.

Technological tools let you maintain contact with your nuclear family in other geographic regions, see them, and talk to them privately throughout the day.


You can invite friends, relatives, neighbors and community members to joint video chats at preset times, enabling them to comfort the family. Send a link with the meeting time to the people with whom you want to communicate.

When family and community embrace you, it helps your grieving process and adds a feeling of shared understanding.

If you need technical help in using our platform, contact us. Our volunteers will assist you free of charge.

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